Jennifer Lyke- Warcollier Award

Experience, Confidence, Transliminality and Ability to Locate and Describe Targets

Associations among Experience, Confidence, Transliminality and Ability to Locate and Describe Targets in Experienced Remote Viewers



This research investigated several questions related to remote viewing of both the location and physical characteristics of targets as well as variables related to the remote viewer, such as experience, confidence, and transliminality. Forty-three experienced remote viewers were asked to locate a target on a map that was randomly placed within a 23-acre area and to describe aspects of the target itself. Blind judges calculated a percentage match for participants’ target descriptions of the actual target and three decoy targets. They also rank ordered the accuracy of descriptions of the target and three decoys for each participant. Participants described their level of experience with remote viewing, completed a measure of transliminality, and described their confidence in the target location and target description tasks. The resulting variables were used to answer the following questions: whether participants identified the location of the target more closely than expected by chance; whether participants’ descriptions of the target characteristics matched the actual target more closely than the decoys; whether judges identified the actual target as the best match for participants’ descriptions more often than expected by chance; whether there was a correlation between location accuracy and description accuracy; and whether participants’ experience, confidence, demographic characteristics, or personality characteristics correlated with location or description accuracy. Implications of the findings will be discussed.



Jennifer Lyke, Ph.D., is a licensed counseling psychologist and Professor of Psychology at Stockton University. She teaches counseling-related courses to undergraduates as well as an interdisciplinary course in States of Consciousness. She conducts research related to anomalous experiences and altered states of consciousness, such as psi-related, mystical, and psychedelic states.

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