Sean McNamara

Winning the Colorado Pick 3 Lottery Twice in 2019-A Detailed Explanation of the Selected Methodology and Strategy

Using a “team strategy” for predicting the outcome of multiple events requires that most of the viewers successfully describe their target image (this is an ARV-related strategy). The top priority, then, is to apply special techniques to make a viewer as receptive as possible during the viewing session to reduce ambiguity when selecting one of the potential targets.
The team was open to the hypothesis that during the feedback session (following the predicted event) the target information is transmitted into the past by that viewer.  Therefore, we used a different technique each date to heighten the intensity of this hypothesized signal transfer in order to reduce noise and displacement.
One method involved stimulating each viewer’s sympathetic nervous system using pain induced by ice-water while “taking in” the feedback image at the same time.  The second method  involved using tracing paper over the feedback image in order to “send back” the arm and hand movements to the viewer at the time of viewing, influencing the kind of sketches the viewers added to their transcripts.
Both times, the team determined a limited set of number combinations that appeared to be likely winners. Each viewer was left to decide for him or herself which combinations he or she  would wager on a lotto ticket. The first time, 2 out of 8 viewers bought the correct combination containing all three winning numbers. The second time, 4 or 5 viewers out of a team of 10 viewers bought the winning combination. Because selecting the likely winning number sets was a team effort, we regard both sessions as overall “wins” for the whole team.