Pre-Conference Workshop with Dr. Paul H Smith (tickets sold separately)

What is Remote Viewing?

(Pre-Conference workshop is a fundraiser for IRVA-  Dr. Smith is donating his time for the cause.)

This introductory workshop is for those unfamiliar or only newly acquainted with remote viewing. For them as well as others who may be interested, we are alerting you to a special pre-conference interactive opportunity. “What is Remote Viewing?” is a two-hour presentation and audience participation workshop featuring former Star Gate military remote viewer and past president of the International Remote Viewing Association, Dr. Paul H. Smith (Major, US Army, ret.).

Paul’s presentation and workshop will give you a solid foundation and answer many questions people often ask when first beginning to explore remote viewing. You will learn what remote viewing is, get a brief introduction to how it got started, enjoy a taste of some of the amazing results remote viewers have experienced, and have an opportunity to try to achieve your own results in an actual remote viewing exercise guided by Dr. Smith himself. This workshop will be offered on Friday evening, July 17, prior to the official start of the conference. Participation is open to anyone, whether novice or experienced in remote viewing, and you do not need to be attending the full conference to participate.

This workshop serves as a fund-raiser for the organization. Dr. Smith is donating his time, so the $25 workshop fee will go directly to IRVA.


Maj. Paul H. Smith, Ph.D (US Army, ret) is a psychic spy–an alumnus of the Department of Defense’s Star Gate remote viewing (RV) program. Trained by Dr. Harold E. Puthoff and Ingo Swann, the founders of remote viewing, Paul in turn taught RV to new military remote viewers, and also briefed and demonstrated remote viewing to senators, admirals and generals. A Desert Storm veteran, he retired from the Army in 1996, and is an author and frequent conference speaker and interview guest. President and chief instructor for Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc., he is also a founding director and past president of the non-profit International Remote Viewing Association. His book Reading the Enemy s Mind (Tor/Forge 2005) was a Readers Digest Book Bonus Feature and Editors Choice selection. He is also author of The Essential Guide to Remote Viewing (Intentional Press, 2015) and co-produced the “LearnDowsing” and “Remote Perception” home study courses. He has a BA from BYU and an MS from the National Defense University (both concentrating in Middle East studies), and a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin. His website is