Outbounder Workshop


A slightly more complicated remote viewing protocol is called an “outbounder” or “beacon” experiment. In this workshop, led by Paul Smith, the remote viewer(s) will describe and sketch details of a randomly-selected physical location. The remote viewers will be in a closed room, have no knowledge of the target, and will use his or her mental faculties to perceive and describe the target location where one or more other persons (the beacon team) have gone. The idea is that the “beacons” help the remote viewer to “home in” on the intended target site.

Someone not directly involved in the actual remote-viewing part of the experiment prepares four or more possible targets. The possible targets are geographical features, structures, etc. that can be reached within 30 minutes or less (including both drive + access time) from the location where the remote viewer is sequestered. The beacon team takes the selected target envelope. They proceed to their car, where -out of sight of the viewer and monitor- they open the envelope and follow directions to the target.

The beacon team takes photographs and video of the location which they bring back after the experiment to provide visual feedback to the remote viewers.