Markus Perk

Remote viewing and physics – the worldview of the physicist Burkhard Heim

To understand the functionality of remote viewing one needs to understand the laws of nature including life and mind processes within one consistent physical framework.  The ‘viewed’ 12-dimensional theory of the physicist Burkhard Heim spans this bridge between mind, consciousness and matter, between the largest and the smallest in physical existence and shows that gravity is involved in all paranormal related events. Another important result from this theory is that information as such and evaluated probabilities have their own independent existence within this universe which has a large impact regarding remote viewing and remote influencing.


By expanding our known 4-dimensional world to another 8 imaginary dimensions (x5 – x12), the physicist Burkhard Heim (1925 – 2001) showed that information and ‘meaningfulness’ of events (i.e. probabilities, negative entropy) are a fundamental and a self-existing part of our universe. Heim’s approach was to achieve a complete metrisation of 12-dimensional space and to extend gravity into the quantum range (which he successfully did). By this, he was able to understand not only the properties of the separate upper dimensions but also to achieve an approach for the transition from matter to life and mind processes within a single sophisticated physical theory. Many of his results also show up in remote viewing sessions which also go beyond the realms of certified data.

Energetical 6-dimensional ‘world’

Besides having developed a formula to predict particle ‘masses’, Heim’s new dimensions x5 and x6, called ‘S2’ (the structural space), are also energetical and consider the meaningfulness / probability of states of matter/mind/consciousness and are already completely outside of our 4D spacetime. Here, x5 also represents a gravitational influence which is beyond the known force “gravity” and evaluates states of being and x6 represents a matter-related aspect for our 4D spacetime. Also, interchanging electro-magnetic to gravitational forces and vice versa is possible within 6 dimensions. This might be a hint to understand the appearance and behavior of aircrafts with to date unknown flight maneuver capabilities.  

It might be due to this fact that Heim’s friend, Mr. Illobrand von Ludwiger, was invited 1997 to Las Vegas on behalf of Robert Bigelow, to give a lecture to Hal Puthoff, Dean Radin and John Alexander. Rupert Sheldrake also knows Heim’s theory and Heim himself stated in a TV interview that he sees strong similarities between Sheldrake’s morphogenetic field and Heim’s Information space I2 (see below).

Hyperdimensions x7 -x12

Working in cooperation with the Viennese physicist Walter Droescher, Heim extended his theory to another 6 hyper dimensions which are non-energetic. The dimensions x7 and x8 represent “blue prints” of information which are mapped via the structural space S2 into our 4D reality. These two dimensions are called ‘I2’ (information space) and represent everything that was /is/will be in existence (so to speak). This can provide a clue, why we, as remote viewers, are able to view beyond our own space and time of existence when this information can directly be downloaded/implemented into our consciousness.

The upper four dimensions x9 – x12 are rather unknown and Heim could only work with set theory to get some information out of them. Here, the basic foundations of our universe are set. Known and still unknown physical coupling constants can be found. Due to the setting of the upper dimensions, the Heisenberg uncertainty is easily explained (two different entangled projections I2 and 4D spacetime) which collapse into one measurable state, when time “selects”. Therefore, the results of the double slit experiment are an exact pattern regarding x5 as there is no real “coincidence”.

Lifetime of the universe

Heim’s basic operator is the smallest area in (physical) existence, called “metron”. Based on this, he calculated backwards when there was only one metron covering ‘all’ (i.e. the universe). As result the beginning of the universe would be about 10-109 years ago and began as 3 metronic spheres, each with a different diameter between ~ 0.9 to 3 meters. By sliding into the dimension ‘time’ the spheres grew from the inner one to the outer one, divided and formed a multi-dimensional space grid for about 10 99 years, containing just empty space. As the metrons became smaller and smaller and grew in number, the projected energy became too large to be contained in the space cells and, as a result, space rapidly expanded. This is called the “Big Bang”, but with the difference that everywhere in the universe, Big Bangs happened.  According to Heim, a huge amount of these “optical universes” exist and today’s size of the complete universe (containing multiple optical universes) is about 10 125 meters, a factor of about 10 99 larger than the Hubble radius.

Interestingly, Heim got a direct relation between D (diameter of the universe), the metron, e and pi. Further, the constants of nature depend on the size of the metron and change as the metron changes and do not depend on time itself. Also, the Sommerfeld fine-structure constant can be calculated by pi alone. Here, we see the connection of the dimensions x9 – x12 (foundations of our universe) and our 4D space time. Also see Edward Riordans ‘pi’ sessions on YouTube, a clear hint on this connection.

Matter, life, mind/psyche and consciousness

The transition between the aspects of matter, life, mind/psyche and consciousness is done by Heim via an aspect-related logic called ‘Syntrometry’ (Heim’s main work), which also serves as a basis to calculate the theoretical particle masses. By this, he could show that the x5 dimension is responsible for the different grades of existence, also in interaction with the I2 space and explains how and why e.g. psycho-somatic illnesses can manifest and mental impressions are processed. This may give an explanation why such activities like remote influencing does work. The exchange of information between these grades happens in a certain amount of information channels within the x5 dimension, which depend on the evolutionary state of that being (matter, plants, primates, humans). Also, as we die, our temporary x5-‘mind’ code is permanently written into our x5-/I2-‘personality’ code (‘life is passing by’), thereby obtaining full personality integrity even after death and of all previous ones. Also, events like remote viewing, telekinesis, clairvoyance, bilocation, etc. can be explained with regards to transfer/exchange of information from the x5-personality grades to internal or external sources via gravitons.


This theory is neither completely proven nor rejected as some final experiment hasn’t been performed yet. It is also known that this theory is not fully correct as Heim himself states that he comes close to Einstein equations but does not match them to 100%. Also, there is much research work to do, especially for the life/mind/consciousness part. But many results from this theory are reflected within results from various remote viewing sessions. Therefore, it makes it interesting to hear about.