Debra Lynn Katz

Navigating Space – Getting more out of a remote viewing session through use of a multi-inter-intra dimensional (MIND) model of space-time conceptualization and practice – An Experiential Workshop. 

By Debra Lynne Katz

In this practical and intellectually stimulating workshop, a number of remote viewing approaches will be explored through fun yet informative guided exercises that highlight different types of physical targets, as presented within a historical context and aided by the use of a multi-dimensional & inter-dimensional space-time model. Approaches and concepts related to initial tuning in, establishment of site or object contact, and further information extraction techniques will be covered. Beginner and more experienced remote viewers will develop greater flexibility and acuity with quickly accessing information quickly, on a visual level.  

Two organizing principals will be utilized, not to explain psi, but to direct it: 1: That of movement and coordination within and between both physical and mental dimensional space. 2: Embodiment of non-physical constructs, and embodiment of consciousness, for both informational gathering, and potentially transformational purposes. Key concepts borrowed from Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) and Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) Methodologies will be explored and integrated. Brief suggestions/reminders for professional presentation of RV data will also be offered.