Veronicube – A Tool for Remote Viewing Research

September 23, 2016 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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David Barnes

Cheating both space and time, remote viewers cross a mind-bridge spanning an unknown medium between themselves and their target.  “Veronicube” is a portable, internally powered research instrument designed to reveal new details about the remote viewing process.  Built in a simple plastic box around the salvaged core of a broken Psyleron Mind Lamp™, a device designed to respond to processes influenced by the human mind, Veronicube incorporates additional components to search for traces of consciousness crossing from either side of the bridge.

Veronicube’s Psyleron REG core and processor are augmented by additional processors and circuitry to record real-time random probability and related measurements as remote viewers cast their consciousness into the universe.

As the quest proceeds, Veronicube is positioned to study potential interactions between viewers and their targets.  This presentation presents exploratory remote viewing sessions with Veronicube and discusses the exciting implications of this research for remote viewing.