Remote Viewing for Corporate Strategic Planning

September 24, 2016 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

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Dr. Gary Arnold

People often wonder if remote viewing can “make it” in the corporate world. Dr. Gary Arnold has proved that it can. His presentation shows how he works with corporations, especially in their strategic planning phase, using a modified CRV process designed to help companies drive profitability amid disruption. Dr. Arnold’s objective is to show how remote viewing is relevant to today’s corporate strategic planning by describing the process he uses with corporate clients in strategic planning sessions, the RV work done in the blind, and how and why he uses a modified CRV methodology to quickly produce accurate, long range forecasting. He reviews how six companies incorporated remote viewing into their strategic planning process, and shows how this planning process helps to describe and predict major events related to company products and positioning one month to five years before they actually happen. This talk will introduce you to ways of using remote viewing principles that may apply in many practical remote viewing situations, including some you yourself may have been trying to get a grip on.