PSI Games and Spoon Bending Party

September 23, 2016 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

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John G. Kruth


You’ve heard of the Hunger Games. And of course, there’s the Pokemon Go
game.  And right now, maybe it’s still the Olympic Games that have
inspired you to get your game on.  Well, we have games, too–games that
will stretch your imagination, your cognitive skills and, most
importantly, your psychic ability.  Announcing the first-ever Remote
Viewing Conference PSI GAMES.

    Join us the first night of the conference in New Orleans for
telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition games.
    Keep score on your ESP ability and try to improve it with
additional practice.
    Try your hand at table-top dowsing for a hidden object.
    See if you and your team can change the inner functioning of an
electronic ESP detector using just your mental powers.
    Use your thoughts to try to move physical objects you can see but
can’t touch.
    Compete against your friends in a remote viewing face-off game, one
team against another.

For the final PSI-game event, try your hand at psychokinetic metal
bending in our always popular group spoon bending party (please bring
silverware with you to bend).

Leading our PSI Games will be expert ESP gamer, John Kruth, Executive
Director of the Rhine Research Center–America’s oldest psychic research