Music from the Fringe II

September 24, 2016 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

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Music From the Fringe II

Music From the Fringe II:  A Creative Collaboration Between Music and Remote Viewing.

Remote viewing and cellos can make beautiful music together. At least, that was what those who attended the 2014 Remote Viewing Conference discovered when they watched and listened as Music From the Fringe I unfolded on the conference stage. And now, for the sequel! Music from the Fringe II was a recent music project that incorporated traditional remote viewing protocol into a process that created the raw material for a unique two-movement musical composition. Samuel and Nancy Smith will explain the process and experience of creating Music From the Fringe II, illustrated by an accompanying Powerpoint and video presentation, followed by a video of the actual performance. You will see and hear how over a two and a half day period at the College of Idaho a stage full of musicians and composers first remote viewed a picture and a poem, then composed and, ultimately, performed this magical music of the mind. Repeated twice, the process created two movements based on different sets of poems and pictures. The composition was commissioned to produce the soundtrack for the upcoming documentary, Third-eye Spies, featuring remote viewing pioneer Russell Targ. Be among the first to hear and experience this grand, new installment of the Music From the Fringe franchise. You will be captivated and enthralled.