ARV Studio Software

September 23, 2016 1:45 PM - 2:30 PM

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Igor Grgic

What happens when you’re a solo viewer doing your own associative remote
viewing (ARV) project and need to find a way to do the parts that
someone else normally does for you? Or what do you do if you are
managing an associative remote viewing project and find you have too
many viewers?

Of course, some might say–“It’s impossible to have too many viewers!”
But if you’re trying to keep them all on the same sheet of music, making
sure to get them their taskings and feedback at the appropriate places
in the process, while analyzing the results and coordinating the
necessary actions to use the ARV data at the right time and place to
make a profit, more is not always merrier.

If you find yourself juggling a stable of nine viewers as did our
speaker, Igor Grgic (or if you’re trying to do ARV by yourself), then
you will want a better and more efficient way of getting the job done.
Enter “ARV Studio” – a software package that automates and simplifies
the process, whether you are a solo viewer or are managing a houseful of

Join us for Igor’s presentation on his newly-developed “ARV Studio
Software” program and learn how it streamlines ARV, making it a more
enjoyable experience all around.